Zetuvit Plus Silicone
Zetuvit Plus Silicone

Zetuvit Plus Silicone

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Zetuvit Plus Silicone by HARTMANN USA, Inc. is a non-border super absorber dressing with silicone designed to handle high exudate levels.  The first atraumatic super absorber from HARTMANN – combining outstanding exudate management with simple and atraumatic wound care.

Effective:  Superior Absorption and Retention

Better than currently available super-absorbent foam dressings with respect to the absorption and retention of exudate; high performance capability under compression dressings.

Gentle:  Atraumatic dressing change and comfortable to wear

No additional wound contact layer necessary; very soft with a good padding effect.

Easy:  Initial adhesion for easier attachment of the wound dressing

Rated as excellent or good by 100% of the users in a field trial

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