Theraworx Protect U-Pak

Theraworx Protect U-Pak

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Theraworx Protect U-Pak Wipes is an advanced hygiene and barrier system.

  • For daily urinary health
  • Anal cleansing (after each fecal evacuation or bowel movement)
  • Menopausal health
  • Catheter care (each time bladder is emptied)
  • Includes 3.4 fl oz foam bottle and 60 wipes
The Theraworx Protect Advantage
  • Safe for multiple skin types plus the stratum corneum, mucosa, face, and perineum
  • Proven a non-inferior bathing alternative to standard ICU bathing*
  • No need for other surfactant-based hygiene products, saline or barrier creams
  • No-rinse, non-irritating formulation with no sticky residue

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