SILVERCEL™ Non-Adherent

SILVERCEL™ Non-Adherent

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SILVERCEL Non-Adherent by KCI

Silvercel Antimicrobial Non-Adherent Alginate Dressing is the next generation of Silver Antimicrobial Dressing with the unique feature of a Non-Adherent layer to maximize protection of the wound bed, particularly at dressing change. The unique composition: a mixture of alginate, carboxymethylcellulose (CMC), and silver coated nylon fibers manages exudate effectively in infected or heavily colonized wounds. The unique EasyLift film layer keeps the dressing simple and convenient to use, minimizing pain and trauma at dressing change. Silvercel Antimicrobial Non-Adherent Alginate Dressing has silver ions within the dressing to protect the wound from bacterial contamination and maintains a sustained release of the silver ions for up to 7 days. It stays strong for intact removal even when wet, and has been proven to be 75% less adherent than the leading silver dressings.

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