KerraMax Care® Gentle Border

KerraMax Care® Gentle Border

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KerraMax Care Gentle Border

  • Absorbs and retains exudate
  • Maintains a moist wound environment and helps reduce the risk of skin maceration
  • Absorption capacity allows for fewer dressing changes, making it cost-effective as well as causing fewer disturbances to the wound
  • Fewer dressing changes and the soft silicone adhesive ensure less pain at dressing change for the patient
  • Dressing is secured to the wound through the soft silicone adhesive, a secondary dressing is not required
  • Adheres to dry areas of the skin but not moist areas such as the open wound
  • Comfortable and adheres to awkward areas of the body comfortably
  • Adhesive reduces leakage and helps stop exudate spreading to healthy skin
  • Top polyurethane layer also assists in creating a moist environment essential for wound healing to occur

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