Vashe Wound Wash
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Vashe Wound Wash

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Vashe Wound Wash by Urgo Medical

Unlike some wound irrigants that may inhibit wound healing, Vashe Wound Solution is produced at a skin-friendly pH, so it remains safe to patients, clinicians, and the environment. The proprietary formulation of Vashe Wound Solution contains the highest concentration of hypochlorous acid.
  • Cleanses, Debrides, and Removes Microorganisms from Wounds
  • Moistens and Lubricates Absorbent Wound Dressings Such as Drawtex Hydroconductive Wound Dressing
  • Reduces Wound Odor
  • Cleared For Use On Acute and Chronic Lesions
  • Helps to Accomplish the Goals of Wound Bed Preparation
  • Non-Cytotoxic, Non-Irritating, Non-Sensitizing, No Oral Toxicity
  • No Clinical Contraindications For Use
  • Proprietary Formulation

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